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However, once the new loading was issued, reports of cracked locking lugs on service Krags began to surface.

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The new loading increased the Krag rifle's muzzle velocity to 2,200 f/s at 45,000 psi.

He thought about what might happen if they floated over the Berlin Wall to the Soviet sector.

Also cited by the band was a newspaper article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal about five local high school students who in 1973 played a prank to simulate a UFO by launching 99 (one was lost from the original 100) aluminized Mylar balloons attached with ribbons to a traffic flare.

Playing the part of Judas, Head was heard singing on the title song "Superstar", which rose to number 14 in 1971.

In 1984, Head broke into the Top 40 once more as himself, with "One Night in Bangkok".

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