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PR worker Cathy Saypol, who represented Hetherington for several years, said: 'We are saddened beyond words that our friend, photographer and film-maker, Tim Hetherington, was killed in Misrata this morning.'Against a backdrop of screaming from patients critically injured in the latest bombardment, Dr Khalid Abuflaga said that more than 200 patients were being brought to the only remaining hospital in Misrata, which is surrounded on three sides by Gaddafi tanks and fighters.‘It’s completely indiscriminate – there is no place of safety in this city,’ the doctor told me.‘They have bombed our hospitals and our ambulances and we are having young children and even babies brought in with absolutely terrible injuries.’ The doctor added: ‘There are children with injuries from tank shells, mortar rounds and sniper fire.The ferry is part of a flotilla of ships and fishing trawlers that have become the lifeline for the last significant rebel-held city in western Libya as it tries to hold out against a crippling siege that has dragged on for more than 50 days, leaving much of the city in ruins.The flotilla, motoring back and forth across Libya's Gulf of Sirte between Misrata and the rebel capital Benghazi in the east, not only keeps residents alive.

Photographer Jamie Wiseman and I witnessed these scenes after arriving in the city last night aboard the Ionian Spirit, a Greek passenger ferry being used as a floating hospital ship, which steamed into the besieged port during a lull in fighting and was due to set sail with more than 1000 injured early this morning.Mr Hetherington's film 'Restrepo' tells the story of the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company in the 173rd Airborne Combat Team on its deployment in Afghanistan in 20.The title refers to the platoon outpost, named after a popular soldier, Juan Restrepo, who was killed early in the fighting.Average patient age was 25.7 years (range 15 to 65).The varicocele was on the left side in 30 men and bilateral in 5.

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