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There are thousands of sex workers in Rio de Janeiro.They are often called as "garotas de programa" in Portugese.The Vila Mimosa is a group of establishments located in the same space (streets) and linked by the activity of prostitution.An estimated 3,000 women work in the Vila Mimosa sex industry offering their services in more than 70 bars and nightclubs situated around a bustling red-light district Vila Mimosa, is estimated to generate up to US$ 430,000 a month through prostitution. Women who work as prostitutes in the area reportedly charge US to 20 for sex.

If you look like a guy who’s just hanging out looking for pussy, the girls will avoid you like the plague.Since the 2016 Olympic Games the sex workers in the city's famous Vila Mimosa have dropped their prices.Villa Mimosa´s busiest red-light area is a 2500-square-metre covered arcade, divided into small bars where sex workers tout for clients.Generally, if you don’t speak Portuguese quite well or you are not good-looking or rich, you can forget it.There are clubs all over Rio, and it’s best to ask locals which are hot, since this changes as often as putas change underwear.

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    In support of his contention, he referred to stories of wives leaving their husbands, both men and women openly taking lovers, and bastards among the Russian nobility becoming so numerous as to be "seen everywhere by the crowds." Although Shcherbatov's passionate railings stemmed mostly from his devotion to old pre-Petrine values, his claims were not unfounded.

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