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She actually got a kick being such a tease towards them.However, she did feel a bit uncomfortable when women would look at her with those same sex-hungry eyes as the men.All of this he packed in a backpack that he dumped into the trunk of his car.The time was soon coming when Britney Spears would find out what it’s like to be a whore, if she wasn’t one already.So at the urging of her manager Britney started a disciplined regimen of physical fitness that she tried her best to adhere to.Every morning she would get up, weigh herself, eat a healthy breakfast and then go out for a long run.Occasionally she would even see some wildlife during her jogs.

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Tight, form-fitting Lycra bottoms and tops would show off her sexy figure for anybody to see.

Part Two Over the next four weeks, James Alexander kept a watchful eye on Britney Spears, stalking her until the opportunity would present itself for him to exact his revenge on behalf of his daughter.

Then on a cool morning, the chance presented itself to him.

And being a bit of an exhibitionist, she rarely bothered with a bra under the skin-tight tops.

In that respect, she didn’t mind the staring from other joggers.

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