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"William invited Kate down for the party," a source said."There were about 150 people and it was a Moulin Rouge-themed bash called Freakin' Naughty."There was a bouncy castle and a paddling pool full of gunge and blow-up dolls.I’m sure he’s very happy with his choice, and if he isn’t, he’ll just screw around and Kate will look the other way, just like she did when they were dating.Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seeing each other again – and shared a passionate kiss at a decadent Army party before disappearing to the Prince's private quarters.’” “Is this Pippa thing goes any further it could bring down the monarchy,” wanred another source. Pippa is Forever Uptradey, true, but she seems bright, opinionated, and loads more interesting than Kate.

They claim it was William who orchestrated the whole affair – just so he can have Pippa around!

Kate was “outraged” and immediately reprimanded her younger sibling. Pippa is the ambitious sister, and Kate is the pretty one, the one with the motherlode of patience and a frightening lack of ambition.

“But William LOVED the pictures,” insisted the insider. He’s asked himself time and again, ‘Did I marry the wrong sister? That being said, I could see why a dude – any dude, really – might prefer Pippa’s company over Kate’s.

Insiders claims Kate has no idea her new husband is harboring such deep feelings for her sister, and that if she did, their eight-month marriage would be over. He can’t take his eyes off her,” one insider told The Enquirer.

“William is just using Harry as a smokescreen so he can have Pippa close by.” Sources close to William divulged that William often fantasizes about Pippa, marveling: “My God, she’s so beautiful! ] “Kate would be beyond furious if she knew what was really going on! Prince William now realizes he’s had a long, deep-seated love for his wife’s sister.” Just weeks before William and Kate got married, some “racy” photos of Pippa were released on the Internet.

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