Validating a form in dreamweaver

it’s how you collect that information that makes all the difference.

For example, you might design your form on paper, and the person filling out the form is required to write the information down with a pen or pencil.

Adobe Dreamweaver simplifies the process of creating and implementing forms of any size and complexity.

In this chapter you learn how to create basic forms, and populate the forms with all the goodies, such as: check boxes, radio buttons, text input fields; even drop-down menus.

What I’m describing is creating electronic forms, designed, implemented, and finished, all with the help of Adobe Dreamweaver.

Validation Toolkit makes form data validation easy in Dreamweaver.

Control your visitor's form input and enforce the integrity of your data.

Once a form is created, it can deposit that information into an appended database, where other statistical applications can massage the data into any structure desired by the final user.

Sometimes, you may feel frustrated when you look at the form submissions that you get from a web form and find out that the respondents did not fill in some crucial details.

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