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It turned out to be a problematic affair as she was unable to sit on the jump chair (‘It was too low for my leg, it stuck out, I couldn’t move it back’) but she still managed to complete the jump, reaching 60mph as she leapt into the air.‘I bloody loved it,’ she says. In the skeleton, the bobsled and the jump itself, her disability puts her at a significant disadvantage. This involves me taking off my snow gear, Mills taking off her leg and me massaging her stump because the specially designed prosthetic leg she uses to ski cuts off her circulation and can cause regular haematomas. It is unbelievably heavy, about 13lb in weight.'Even now, I’m 47 and if I see a hot man I know I can have him. I’m not embarrassed about my leg – in fact a good chat-up line from me is, “How do you fancy massaging my stump? After she moved to London at 15, there followed a wild period: running away to join a funfair, living under the arches in Waterloo and more shoplifting and modelling.

She drove across landmine-ridden areas of Croatia during the war in former Yugoslavia to deliver donations, all of which was detailed in a book she wrote soon after losing her leg called Out On A Limb.

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I never saw that by losing a leg I was in any way losing my femininity,' said Heather Mills A mad, very bad, wild-eyed harpy who married and divorced the universally beloved Paul Mc Cartney, turning her – for a substantial chunk of the Noughties – into Lady Mucca, aka the ‘most hated woman in Britain’.

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I had a boot specially made to fit exactly my requirements.

‘Then there was this issue about my boot.’ Mills says she was disqualified at the last minute from the British Paralympic team by official Sylvana Mestre for wearing the ‘wrong boot’, one not approved for competition.

As she talks, we arrive at Mutters and she prepares to strap on the prosthetic leg and boot she has had made for skiing.

It was this boot that was behind her dramatic withdrawal from the Paralympic team. I broke every bone in my body and I went through issue after issue with my stump with haematomas, blisters, swelling and a lot of pain.

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